Pricing, Stock & Exchange


We strive to keep the product prices most competitive, accurate and up-to-date. Also we try specially to do the product detailing job as sincerely as possible. However, the reality is that there are countless products those prices are constantly changing. The price set at the time of ordering which can be changed when it goes to the vendor. In view of such a reality, many times we also have to be anxious to change the price. In such cases, we reserve the right to change the price of any product even after the placement of the order. And the customer will be notified before the product is delivered.

Stock Availability

If you can't give the product then why the product status is "stock in"? Sometimes we get such questions. The process by which ecommerce sites usually deliver products is that after the order placed online, then the product arrives from the vendor, importer or wholesaler. Sometimes the vendor completes the related process like packaging, labeling etc. and deliver the product to the customer. It depends on the inventory model of each ecommerce site. Some companies ready their stock of most of the products in their own warehouses especially for grocery items while some ‍others follow drop shipping model. But most companies follow a sophisticated multiple models.

No matter which model follows, the reality in the case of some products, the stock of the product runs out at the stage of going to the vendor or wholesaler even after the order is placed. Or it may be that we know the product is in the stock but at the last stage of packaging, the product might be found damaged or has no expire date or missing spare parts etc. In this case, the order has to be held, pending or canceled. For which products we know surely that it's currently not available then we set the product stock status is "out of stock" or cannot be offered. But it is not possible to update the stock information for the product that runs out very frequently. In the case of such products, even after the order arrives, it is not possible to give the product in the end. In this case we can cancel the order or leave the order pending. The product can be shipped after a follow-up communication with the customer as soon as the stock becomes available.

Offering similar product

If the product is not in stock for any of the above reasons even after the order arrives, similar product/s may be offered by our concern team member. We can dispatch the product only if the customer agreed with the offered product.

From our experience, people who shop regularly from ecommerce sites have a slightly different views and mindset than the average offline shoppers and they tend to be more modern minded. However, sometimes customers' expectations from ecommerce service providers are much higher. This is something we realize and appreciate also. But ecommerce sites also have a lot of realities. The entire process is completed within very short time in a few steps, from product collection to delivery at the door step of a customer. Above all, we make every effort to satisfy all the valued customer by delivering the right product at the fastest time.