USAMS is one of the leading manufacturers in producing digital equipment and mobile phone accessories in the global market. If offers a lot of great digital products and peripheral equipment and has been to enhance the quality of life of consumers digitize its mission.
As with many years of digital products and accessories development, USAMS has a great customer satisfaction for the service goals, and are constantly promoting their own development. Buy original USAMS product from in Bangladesh.

Usams Handheld Folding Vacuum Cleaner
Save 14%
3,050.00 2,630.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams Dual Type C + USB Universal Travel Charger
Save 15%
3,490.00 2,950.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-CD195 Wireless Charging Holder with Table Lamp
Save 16%
3,200.00 2,680.00
ColorWhite BrandUsams
Usams Wireless Selfie Stick with Tripod
Save 18%
1,880.00 1,550.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams USB + Type-C Universal Travel Charger
Save 15%
2,090.00 1,780.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-ZJ074 Adjustable Phone Stand
Save 19%
1,650.00 1,330.00
ColorGrey BrandUsams
Usams US-CC193 Type-C+USB 60W Car Charger
Save 17%
1,670.00 1,390.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-ZJ070 Spring Folding Phone Holder
Save 26%
650.00 480.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-CD181 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charging Station 15W
Save 10%
3,050.00 2,730.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-YD011 Universal 7-inch Waterproof Phone Pouch
Save 26%
850.00 630.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
USAMS US-SJ152 Micro To Lightning Adapter with Lanyard
Save 25%
200.00 150.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-CD164 Ultra Slim Magnetic 15W Car Wireless Charger
Save 13%
2,050.00 1,790.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams EP-39 Wired HiFi Heavy Bass In-Ear Earphones
Save 23%
350.00 270.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-CC175 C35 Dual USB Port Mini 45W Car Charger
Save 13%
1,950.00 1,690.00
ColorBlack BrandUsams
Usams US-CD190 3 in 1 Desktop Wireless Charger 15W
Save 18%
2,500.00 2,050.00
Usams US-ZB231 Folding Digital Display Electric Mosquito Racket
Save 11%
1,990.00 1,770.00
ColorWhite BrandUsams


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